We are very thankful

We are very thankful

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spring 2014

                                                   . . .  Blessed Easter . . .

Courage Center 2014...

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Heart Walk 2013

  Team "James' Heart"
As a team we raised over $300 for the Heart Association...

Big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What an amazing 2012 year...

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 Timberwolves game!

Happy New Year!!!

This past year has been filled with many blessings. Family and Friends have been a huge important part of James recovery and a great blessing as a support team. Doctors said James would never be able to see, talk, walk, breathe on his own or move his arms or legs a 1 1/2 ago. Since then, James has over come the impossible. Now, his heart doctor said they are unable to hear the heart murmur that was in one of his weak valves and that the pacemaker has strengthened and repaired his heart. Also, James therapists stated that he has not plateaued and he has the potential to walk on his own some day. They also said that most people with his injury usually take 5 years to complete what he has in a 1 year. James has been blessed beyond any medical measure.

James is now able to stand on his own, holding a side-rail for a short time, walk with one person for over 100 feet and walk with a walker for about 35 feet with minimal balancing assistance. James physician tested him with a small Neuro Eval and stated that James is very smart and is able to comprehend and make some decisions on his own. At one point she was writing a task for James to complete on a sheet of paper, before she even finished the question, James had already read and completed the task. She was very impressed and was flabbergasted by his strength and comprehension since seeing him in the beginning of his recovery.

We celebrated James' golden birthday this year on the 27th with his friends. Over our holiday break we attended a Timberwolves game and visited many family and friends. For his birthday celebration and new years, we attended the Beach Boys concert and James knew every song except for one. We were very blessed to have so many supporters at James' Friend BBQ and were so grateful for all the amazing cards, gifts and support this year. James will start Out-Patient therapy at Courage Center in Golden Valley in January and he is very excited to start walking on the treadmill.  He still resides at his home in Crystal and enjoys the company of his new roommates. Please come visit anytime, James has so many friends and family that have truly been a great encouragement.

Words can not even start to describe how thankful we are and how blessed our life has been. God truly works miracles and it could not be shown more clearly through James' strength and courage through his recovery.

Let's begin another amazing year together... Thank you & God bless!!

James & Rachael